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Mission & Values slideshow

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Mission and values

Colruyt Group's corporate identity is vital as a link between all the sister companies. This identity translates into a mission statement and nine group values.

'Together, we create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail.'

Every word in this mission statement has been chosen carefully.


We are considerate towards all our staff members, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, shareholders, etc.


Sustainable entrepreneurship is encoded in our DNA. For instance, we work with the minimum amount of raw materials, energy and human effort. Discover how we want to make a difference for the next generations as well, here.

Added value

We aim for a maximal added value in favour of the economy, people and the environment.

Value-driven craftsmanship

We see expertise as more than just executing a job correctly. People who have the necessary Skills, Attitude and Knowledge, emanate professional pride and are inspired by the group values.


We focus on retail and wholesale business.

The group values

We do not just talk the talk, we really walk the walk. That is why we created nine values which vibrate through the entire group. In this way, everybody pulls in the same direction, even when we are all working on different things. We also make sure our staff members give their best every day and that they are proud of what they do.

Everything starts with respect, for each and every individual. Everyone is equal. In addition, we stimulate collaboration on all levels, because this provides more efficiency, satisfaction and inspiration. And efficiency is inextricably linked to simplicity. Our employees keep things as simple as possible. We gladly help our customers and co-workers; our willingness to help is an intrinsic part of our quality. We believe in each other. Mutual trust gives people positive energy. Of course, we all hope that we will succeed in everything we do. That is why our employees deserve sufficient means. They get the space and time to occasionally think about their work. In this way, everyone can grow in their profession and as a person. Only where all the aforementioned values are balanced, does everybody have the energy and the courage to show initiative. This gives us the strength to fully commit to our work and to enjoy job satisfaction in it.