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A Word from the Chairman

2012 to 2013

Strong performance under difficult conditions

Just as last year, the 25.000 employees of Colruyt Group performed extremely well. Revenues rose by nearly 5,9 % and net profit increased by 3,1 %. This is no sinecure in a market in which everyone is adopting a wait and see attitude. Consumer are unwilling to spend, the government is looking for a solution to the crisis and companies are postponing investments. In these difficult market conditions, Colruyt Group makes the difference by continuing to invest.

The store formulas of the group continue to grow. This shows that they supplement each other well. And this is not a coincidence. In recent years, Colruyt Group has expanded from a family-owned company to a family of companies. This family has nine core values as a common point of departure for everything that it does. Colruyt Group's new logo is the visual expression of this corporate culture, that connects all of its activities.

In everything we do, we aim to make the difference by offering 'Simplicity in Retail'. Also with the new store brand Boni Selection. It will eventually group together over 50 existing Colruyt Group store brands with a new recognisable packaging and a carefully selected product range.

We realise that 'Simplicity in retail' is a task that will never be finished. Day after day, we will continue to work on this together. This is the only way that we will be able to continue to grow.

Jef Colruyt ,Chairman