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Word from the chairman 2016

2015 to 2016

Continued sustainable growth

Last financial year Colruyt Group again grew sustainably. We created added value again in various areas.

On an economic level we realised satisfactory growth. The group revenue rose by 2,9% to over EUR 9,1 billion and the net profit came out at EUR 366 million. Our revenue growth is due to two important factors: our diversified store portfolio and the steady expansion of our store network. I would like to thank our almost 30.000 employees for their dedication and entrepreneurship. They lie at the basis of our fine performance. In addition, I would like to thank our customers for the confidence that they show in us. It pleases me that Colruyt Group has remained a safe haven for many.

On a social level we want to make a meaningful difference and for example ensure that people can work together with respect and consideration. For example, we endeavour to further support the diversity in our organisation and continue to strongly focus on the health and welfare of our employees. In addition, we systematically improve the nutritional composition of our house-brand products for the health of our customers.

On an ecological level we assume our responsibility out of respect for the world in which we live. That is why we continue to invest in innovative techniques that further limit the ecological impact of our activities, such as hydrogen and liquid ice.

Finally: last financial year Colruyt Group invested almost EUR 388 million and drew in more than 1.550 new employees. Around 50% of the added value that we created flowed back to the community through the government. That is why we ask the government to use these resources efficiently and to create a stable framework in which we can grow further together.

Jef Colruyt

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Colruyt Group