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Eoly, Colruyt Group's sustainable energy producer, generates green power with wind turbines, solar panels and combined heat and power generation. Eoly uses existing technologies and at the same time experiments with innovative techniques such as hydrogen to be ready for the future.

Eoly supplies sustainable energy to Colruyt Group companies and external companies. The power company is a reliable and transparent supplier and together with its customers aims to lower their power consumption and make their energy supplies more sustainable. In time Eoly wants to offer exclusively self-generated green electricity. Approximately 25% of the energy that the supplier offers is generated by itself. The rest it buys on the wholesale market. In the future, Eoly wants to produce enough energy to cover all of Colruyt Group's energy requirements.

Eoly aims for a sustainable relationship with the people in the vicinity of the wind farms and offers them the opportunity to become a participant through the Eoly Cooperative.