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Privacycharter Colruyt Group

 (version of 16 May 2011)

Because we want to provide clear information about how we take care of your personal details at Colruyt Group, we have drawn up this code of conduct. In this charter, you can read the details about how we protect your privacy, how you have a say in this at any time, and which checks are performed to ensure the accurate compliance with this charter.


This charter applies to all communications (by, among others, post, telephone, mobile telephone or e-mail) of the Colruyt Group, of all its subsidiaries and of the different departments.

1. Database management

All the personal details are managed by the N.V. Etn. Fr. Colruyt, Edingensesteenweg 196, 1500 Halle (Belgium). Within the Colruyt Group, only the people in charge of the customers list have access to the data.

We never sell or let our address lists to external address managers. We handle your details as confidential information.

To be allowed to collect information on our customers, we made a preliminary declaration with the Commission for the protection of privacy in Belgium. This applies to information we collect in Belgium. For information we collect in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we made a declaration with the National Commission for Safeguarding data in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

We occasionally appeal to an external processor. This means, among other things, that the communications you receive from us are sent by a third party. However, this processor has no access to your personal, purchasing or clicking information at any time.

2. Which data are processed?

2.1. Information of private customers (B2C)

  a) Personal details

Personal details are defined as:

  • Contact information such as address, e-mail address, telephone, mobile telephone or fax number
  • Other personal details: information on your occupation, your interests, etc.

We collect this information by means of, for example:

  • A form to apply for leaflets (of, among others, Colruyt, Bio-Planet, DreamLand and OKay)
  • A campaign in which we gather addresses (e.g. for an additional discount or for the Extra discount card)
  • The Internet site on which personal details can be entered, e.g. for a reservation in one of the Colruyt online stores.

All personal details are kept in our customers list. We personally inform you about this. You always have the possibility to check, correct, change or delete your data (see 6). 

  b) Purchase and clicking information

The information on your receipt can be recorded temporarily by personalised means, such as an 'Extra Discount' card, personal receipts.

When you receive a mail from us, we can record your clicking data. This enables us to use your profile to inform you more effectively of benefits you may find interesting.

With this information, we can provide you with general information, but we can also offer you more specific benefits based on your profile. By providing customer-specific information, we can avoid over-communication, reduce our costs and waste even less paper. On the other hand, we can offer customers additional benefits we think they will appreciate considering the products they generally buy or click to.

Thus we can, for example, look up all wine buffs based on the specific customer profiles. In this case, we can provide more specific information about wine, make new offers and grant additional discounts. 

You choose whether you want to enjoy these additional offers. To send you these offers, we temporarily record your information in our 'Customers' interests list’.  If you do not want this, you can refuse such offers at any time, according to the stipulations mentioned in paragraph 6.

2.2. Information of professional customers and prospects (B2B)

'Professional customers' are customers who purchase their goods at the Colruyt Group companies for the purpose of their professional activity. 'Prospects' are potential customers or companies with which we can start a form of cooperation.

For our professional customers and prospects, information, apart from the data mentioned in 2.1., includes the following details as well:

  • Contacts (name, function)
  • Associates, partners in the business, employees
  • Other company details, such as VAT number or enterprise number
  • Possible interests we can satisfy with our services and activities.

To actively canvass new customers, we not only store the information on your company that you provide us, but we also gather information by means of external channels, among others, address managers. Each time we record such information in our customers list, we will inform you. You then have the possibility to check, correct, change or no longer use your information (see point 6).

3. Internet

When you visit our internet site, we store some settings in 'cookies’. These are small pieces of information that are placed on your hard drive when you surf to our website. Our website uses different kinds of cookies:

  • Cookies to be able to start a 'conversation' between you and our site. They are needed to have our site operate correctly and they disappear at the end of your visit to our site.
  • Cookies to enhance your browsing comfort, such as language choice and personal code.  For example, you do not have to confirm the language you speak every time you access the website.

Thanks to these cookies, we can also record specific information on the user. This regards, among others, the chosen language, which pages have been visited and the duration of the visits.

4. The purpose of gathering your information

As soon as your information is recorded in our customers list, you will regularly receive our information at your home. We can also send you our information by e-mail if you like. We commit ourselves only to use your personal details to make processing your contract correctly possible and to send you information of the companies of Colruyt Group
This information can be leaflets from Colruyt, OKay and Bio-Planet, etc in your region, e-mails from the different Colruyt departments and their special offers as well as specific information on your store.

With the intention to develop a possible cooperation, we like to keep our professional customers informed on our specific services and promotions for companies.

Furthermore, your information can be used to invite you sporadically to participate in general or specific market research executed by Colruyt Group or by external people by order of Colruyt Group.

5. You decide what happens with your information

To allow us to send you our communications, we need your address or your e-mail address. You decide whether you provide additional information regarding your occupation, your interests, etc.

With respect to our professional customers and prospects, we gather information on companies by means of external channels (among others, address managers) as explained in 2.2. You can request to consult this information at any time if you wish.

When we record your personal details in our customers list, you will receive a personal message to inform you of this. You always have the possibility to check, correct, change or delete your data (see 6). Colruyt Group also informs you of the use of these data.

When we keep information about what you purchase or click on, you will be informed. You decide whether we can record your purchase or clicking data, and whether we can send you additional offers based on this information.

Afterwards you can retrieve, correct or change the personal details we register in our customers list at any time. Simply ask us in writing. We commit ourselves to execute your request immediately.


6. Deregister

You can deregister at several levels:

  • Communication based on purchase and clicking data: requesting deregistration in writing is sufficient. We guarantee that you will no longer receive any communication based on your purchase or clicking data.
  • Communication by e-mail: you can unsubscribe each time you receive an e-mail from us. You can unsubscribe to the e-mails of specific online stores or to all the e-mails from Colruyt Group. You will receive an e-mail confirming that you have unsubscribed.
  • All communications: if you no longer want to receive any personalised information from Colruyt Group, you can deregister for the group's communications. Simply make this request in writing or by e-mail. We guarantee that your data is no longer processed to send you personalised information from Colruyt Group. To make sure that your address does not end up in our customers list again, we will record it in an internal Robinson list*.

*A Robinson list is a list of names and addresses of people who no longer wish to receive personalised marketing communications. Colruyt Group has its own internal Robinson list of people who no longer want to receive information from Colruyt Group.

7. External check by Quality Control

Apart from all the measures taken to protect your privacy, Quality Control checks and guarantees:

  • That we comply with the standards of the Personal Privacy Protection Act in each country.
  • That we observe the commitments made in this charter.

For this purpose, Quality Control carries out statistically and scientifically reliable surprise and random checks.


Quality Control, the Institute for Quality control and Informative Labeling, is an independent organisation recognised by Belac (the Belgian Recognition institution of the Federal Public Service for Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy).