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Children help design new Kangourou collection

Who is in the best position to give us advice about our products? Our customers and users of course. That is why we let children take part in the selection of colours and patterns for our Kangourou collection of school bags and backpacks.

Preparations for a successful 'back to school 2016' already started in 2015. Following a comprehensive market research we decided to give Kangourou a more modern and fresher look and logo, in keeping with the brand promise 'more fun going to school'. We also chose a new subdivision for the product range, in three experiences that suit our target groups better. We have a large basic no-fuss range, a more playful line with figures for the little ones and a terrific, more creative line for youngsters.

Designed by peers

Last year we worked closely together with children between 3 and 14 to design the backpacks and school bags of the 2016 collection. In a series of workshops per age group, the kids explained what their ideal school bag would look like. Afterwards they gave their creativity free rein: they looked for inspiration in magazines, photos and stencil plates, and as they cut, coloured and pasted, their ideas took shape. Our designers used their work to make about one hundred designs, sixty of which we asked children of co-workers to assess in an online survey. This resulted in a final selection of forty designs you can find on the shelves today. Designed and approved by kids!


To compose the Kangourou collection for 2017 and for numerous other projects, we also like to ask our customers and users for help. Customers helped determine which products would be included in the gluten-free range of private label Boni Selection. Dreambaby maintains close relationships with young mothers by on their own community and a second-hand platform. And Colruyt published a cookery book with its customers' favourite recipes.