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Colruyt Group participates in ‘Just say hello’

Colruyt Group buckles down to the ‘Just say hello’ initiative that wants to encourage citizens to greet each other more. For the occasion, a number of stores and central buildings will be fitted as ‘greeting areas’ inviting everyone to participate. Each store format decides how to flesh out the action. Co-workers of the central services, production and logistics are encouraged to say hello more often to colleagues they do not know.

In keeping with the group values

Colruyt Group supports this action because it fits in perfectly with our company values such as respect, solidarity and hope. COO Frans Colruyt: “If we participate, we can help make sure people get more in touch with each other. Moreover, we are in a good position to encourage people to say hello, since we already do this in our stores every day. So, consider our participation as a recognition of one of our strongest assets: the friendliness and helpfulness of our co-workers.”

Positive signal

‘Just say hello’ is an initiative of numerous companies, organisations and private persons who want to give all Belgian people a positive signal. Why? In these turbulent times, many of us have feelings of fear, danger and distrust. We threaten to turn inwards upon ourselves. To break this vicious circle, the initiators propose a simple solution that does not cost any money: just say 'hello' to a person you don't know, in the street, in the shop, at work, etc.