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Colruyt Group receives European support for hydrogen projects

Colruyt Group receives European support for a number of projects to use hydrogen more as an alternative, clean fuel for logistic machines such as fork-lift trucks. The group is going to expand its hydrogen fleet with 75 new hydrogen vehicles and install fuel pumps at its distribution centre of Dassenveld in Halle. The group is also helping to build a new hydrogen filling station in the Antwerp region that will produce hydrogen from green power.

Hydrogen region 2.0.

The three initiatives are part of the European demonstration project Hydrogen region 2.0. that wants to develop know-how and experience with large-scale hydrogen applications in logistics. By widely sharing the experience gained, Hydrogen region 2.0. wants to inspire other large logistic centres to use hydrogen as well.

The Hydrogen region 2.0. project fits in with the Interreg V programme in Flanders and the Netherlands. This cross-border cooperation programme invests in smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and is backed up by the European Regional Development Fund.

The total budget for Hydrogen region 2.0. amounts to 14 million €, 6 million of which is made available by Interreg.

Using hydrogen since 2011

With the expansion of its hydrogen fleet (the biggest one in Europe) and its refuelling infrastructure, Colruyt Group further develops an intensive test programme that started in 2011. On the Dassenveld site a hydrogen station was built that produces 100% green hydrogen from energy from its own wind turbines and solar panels. The filling station has been providing  hydrogen to about ten fork-lift trucks and one private car for a few years now, and is used as a buffer for excess green power.