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Fourth Colruyt Group job day

On Saturday 28 March, over a hundred students went to Colruyt Group for the final-year students job day. During this job day, young people were able to look at Colruyt Group differently. Indeed, many people associate the group with working in a store, but there are plenty of other jobs as well. Moreover, it was the ideal opportunity for young people to get acquainted with the training and growing possibilities the company offers its employees.

Young people compose the programme

In the job café, young people were able to talk to employees and selection managers. Colruyt Group also offered the students many different workshops and guided tours. They decided what interested them and thus composed their own programme. There were workshops on Management in the store, Leadership, Towards the job of a lifetime, Application training and Cooking in digs. The students also had the possibility to go on a Logistics tour in one of the group's distribution centres. A second tour focused on technology and sustainable energy.

Customised workshops

Colruyt Group developed the 'Towards the job of a lifetime' workshop in 2013 at the request of the Antwerp students' union Unifac. It starts from the position that final-year students can head in different directions with their diploma, but do not know how to make a choice. Together with Colruyt Group people, students go over the essential steps required to make a good choice. They consider questions about self-knowledge that are relevant during their search for a suitable job.

You can learn to apply for a job

Once the students know their direction, they still have to apply for a job. Again, many questions surface. Every year, Colruyt Group sees thousands of applicants, so it wants to share this experience with the students. The 'Application training' workshop was all about discovering talents and competences. Moreover, the students received tips to write a proper CV and have a job interview.


These workshops are interesting for Colruyt Group as well as for the students. The youngsters receive a lot of tips from an experienced employer such as Colruyt Group. And the group connects with the young people and shows them that there are plenty of job opportunities.