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Meatland 2015: professional butchers at work

Colruyt Group works only with the best butchers. To show this, we sharpened our knives for an extraordinary event called Meatland. What for? To let young people sample the different facets of the butcher's trade. Pride and craftsmanship were highlighted.

On 5 and 12 March 2015, about 250 butcher's students gathered in Halle to discover the butcher's trade. All aspects were covered: from purchase to finished product, a nice piece of meat of excellent quality. There was a detailed programme: a visit to the butcher's department in a Colruyt store, a guided tour of the meat-processing plant Fine Food Meat and an improvisation exercise about customer relations. The highlight of the day was that the students were asked to compose a skewer. A jury chose the best ones. In short, it was a day with theory as well as practice. But mostly, it was a day with a good share of pleasure.

By meeting a lot of experienced butchers, the students got to know the trade differently. With this event, Colruyt Group wants to rouse young people's interest in working as a butcher. Indeed, the butcher trade remains a bottleneck job, and we feel this more and more every year. During Meatland we saw a lot of happy faces. So Colruyt Group will certainly continue to organise this event.

Were you unable to attend Meatland? Discover the video report here.