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Students learn on the shop floor

Colruyt Group and the VVKSO (the Flemish union of Catholic education) give students of the second and third level of the labour market-oriented disciplines Office and Retail the opportunity to learn on the workplace, the so-called 'learning on the shop floor'. Teachers are also welcome to put the theory they discuss in class into practice.

Gain practical experience

'Learning on the shop floor' means that students acquire general and/or job-oriented competences by working in a real-life labour situation for a couple of hours. For instance, the students work in a Colruyt or Dreamland store. They are coached by their teacher and the store employees.

With an eye to the future

Learning on the shop floor is interesting both for the students and teachers and for Colruyt Group. Especially with an eye to the future. Students put theory into practice, teachers don't lose touch with practice and Colruyt Group gets better trained employees out of it.