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WE-Power becomes Eoly

WE-Power, the internal energyproducer and supplier of Colruyt Group, changes its name to Eoly. Eoly will continue to develop the production of green power by means of wind turbines and solar panels. This way, Colruyt Group will be more and more able to meet its own energy needs. Eoly will also start participations allowing citizens to become co-owners of a wind turbine.




The new name was launched in presence of Jef Colruyt, the mayor of Beersel Hugo Vandaele and Flemish Minister of Energy Annemie Turtelboom. At the same time the new wind farm at the Colruyt Group site in Lot was employed. These are the first turbines to carry the name Eoly.

Partnership and participation

Eoly wants to expand the production farm and invest in innovative forms of energy production and storage. The energy expert wants to guarantee its customers within Colruyt Group a stable sustainable energy supply at the lowest cost. Eoly also wants to help them use energy more efficiently, a/o by measuring consumption and making suggestions to save energy. Finally, Eoly wants to give citizens the opportunity to invest in future wind turbine projects. Neighbours, co-workers and customers will be able to buy shares, become co-owners of a wind turbine, and receive an annual fee for it. Minister Turtelboom fully agrees with Colruyt Group that these participations are necessary to create a wider public support for durable energy.

11 turbines early 2016

The new turbines in Lot supply power directly to the distribution centre. With 2 MW each they produce enough electricity to reduce CO2 emissions by 3,100 tonnes a year. Eoly will presently start to use another new turbine in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, near the Brussels-Charleroi canal. At the beginning of 2016 another turbine will be added on the Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat site, Colruyt Group’s meat-processing plant in Halle. Eoly’s wind farm will then include 11 turbines. Permits to build 8 turbines in the Hainaut province were also applied for.

Solar panels and cogeneration

Apart from the wind turbines, Eoly also operates solar panels on 43 sites, a recently started cogeneration installation and a hydrogen station. Eoly supplies to different companies and production departments in the group and to independent Spar and Alvo stores. Today, the production covers about 15 % of Colruyt Group’s consumption, the rest is bought on the wholesale market. In time, Eoly wants to produce sufficient green energy to cover the whole group’s power needs.

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