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Sustainable entrepreneurship

In an increasingly complex and international society, we are fully aware that Colruyt Group is a link in a chain. Products often travel long distances before they pass into the customer’s hands. That is why in our policy, we attach great importance to themes like health, sourcing, ethics, footprint...

As 'link' in the chain, our direct impact is sometimes limited. Therefore, we often collaborate with other players in order to accentuate the realisation concerning sustainable entrepreneurship, to gain more insight and to inspire each other. Step by step, little by little.

In the beginning of 2015 we joined the European Supply Chain Initiative, a joint venture devoted to fair trade practices. Read more

We always have a clear objective, wherever we stand in the chain: starting from an economic impulse to cause a positive dynamic in the social and ecological sphere. Not because we should or have to, but because we want to show our gratitude for the materials and means we use day in, day out. Because it is our mission to ensure a healthy world for the next generations to live in.

Colruyt Group puts sustainable entrepreneurship into practice with a wide variety of smaller and greater initiatives that each ensure added value in different ways. We divide our projects into 3 themes, focusing on people, environment, or product.



People are our prime capital. A company can only grow if its company grows as well. That is why development and training are central to us; for our own employees, but also for customers who want to meet, discover and do business as well. Moreover, we invest in the development and education of children and youths both here and in the South.

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 Living environment

We use resources nature gives us. To keep our impact on nature and our environment as low as possible, we handle it in a sustainable manner. We avoid waste and continue to invest in more efficiency. For instance, we opt for alternative means of transport, sustainable materials and renewable energy amongst others.

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Colruyt Group makes every effort to offer high-quality own brand products every day. Our products should not only be good in taste, but should also be sustainable, healthy and safe. We work together with all producers and suppliers in the production chain to produce the product in a sustainable manner.

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This is how we do it

Colruyt Group is making efforts towards fair trade practices.

Colruyt Group's mission is 'Together, we create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail.'

This means that we choose to do business with and for all parties involved, while based on our values. In practice, this means that we build sustainable relationships with our suppliers and producers. It is our intention to develop our relationship with our suppliers in terms of their responsibility to their producers and suppliers of resources. An example is our 2002 'Charter regarding child labour and working conditions', which is signed by all our toy suppliers in the Far East.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with all our suppliers and producers ranging from farmers and SMEs to multinationals. We strive for relationships that are built on mutual respect and trust; relationships that give all parties the space to grow in a sustainable manner.

We have now also formally recorded this commitment for sustainable relationships. For instance, in 2009 as a member of the distribution federation FEDIS (now called Comeos), we co-created the 'Code of conduct for fair relationships between suppliers and buyers in the agricultural food chain'. In Belgium, we take an active part in the discussion between all the industry organisations in the food chain.

Colruyt Group is now also committing itself at a European level. In January 2015, we joined the 'European Supply Chain Initiative'. This association established in 2014 makes efforts to achieve fair trade practices in the European food distribution chain and is also supported by the European Committee. In this context, we also have an internal mediator who can be contacted by suppliers and producers. E-mail:

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