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Colruyt Group is looking for young talent

In order to accommodate its further growth, the group needs starters. Through several initiatives and partnerships with schools, young people can get an idea of the job possibilities within the company.

Colruyt Group seeks to attract young employees. The company wishes to attract new employees in order to support its further growth. At the same time, it also offers a solution for the increasing unemployment among young people. The group has launched several initiatives and entered into partnerships with educational institutions in order to appeal to various target groups and to show the extensive range of job opportunities within the company.

Several initiatives for various target groups

In 2013, 26 teachers participated in a practical Sales training at Colruyt Group. They followed a two-week practical training programme in a Colruyt or DreamLand store in order to be able to help students better during their on-the-job training. Over 300 student butchers and their teachers also participated in Meatland, an interactive voyage of discovery for young butchers. By focusing on pride and craftsmanship, Colruyt Group wishes to make working as a butcher more attractive for young people and thus attract butchers. In addition, the group also organised a second job day for bachelor's and master's students. This attracted 88 students to Halle.