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New look for store brand Kangourou

All Kangourou writing supplies, stationary and book bags now have a restyled logo, a new house style and more colours and designs.

All writing materials, stationary and book bags of the brand Kangourou have been restyled. After ten years, the store brand for school supplies has been given a fresh logo, a new house style and additional colours and designs. With this new look, Kangourou aims to increase its recognisability and uniformity, to improve quality and to cater better to the various needs and interests of children and young people. For instance, the Kangourou school supplies now have a fresh green packaging and the prints and designs of the bags have different accents for each age group. In addition, Colruyt Group aims to better inform and inspire its customers. Consumer can now find product information and useful ideas about what they can do with the product on the packaging.

369 products

Kangourou is a strong store brand of the Colruyt Group. With its 369 articles, it offers a complete range of school supplies and a large range of stationary products and writing materials. Kangourou is the best sold brand in the bag department at Colruyt, and number two in DreamLand.