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Spar celebrates 10th anniversary of KOOK (Cook)

KOOK, Spar's free culinary monthly magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary. In order to celebrate this, Spar produced an extra thick celebration issue of 100 pages and a sturdy city bike could be won in every store.

30 self-created recipes

The first edition of KOOK was made available in the stores in March 2003. At the time, the magazine was 32 pages thick and contained seven recipes. Today, KOOK contains standard 80 pages, around 30 self-created dishes and various background and promotional articles. The monthly magazine is produced by a fixed team of editors, designers, cooks and a photographer and 230.000 copies are printed.

Eating well

KOOK communicates Spar's key concept: eating well in a pleasant and family atmosphere. Customers should be able to recognise themselves in the monthly magazine. This is why the magazine contains recipes for all levels, targeting various ages and from different regions. KOOK is also accessible for a wider public with its colourful style and light-hearted tone: from the professional cook to the beginner.